Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is an important aspect of any business but unfortunately very few organizations in our field have any knowledge of it. Corporate social responsibility is a form of self-regulation which is integrated in an organization business model which enables an organization to build in its self a self-regulatory mechanism to ensure that the company actively complies with the local laws, ethical standards and international norms. The experienced and well educated Directors of the company who have diverse educational backgrounds including Post graduate degrees from Cambridge University and Master’s degrees in Business Administration, specializing in Industrial Marketing, have ably realized the importance of this business model and adapted accordingly.

Provision in HR Department for Special people : The group realizes that disabled people are in fact special people with special talent. They are in many cases more talented and hardworking then any of the rest of the able bodied persons. So by taking people with disabilities into account the company is prepared to fully utilize the potential and hidden talent of a large part of the population which in turn will lead to more profits. For this purpose, special directions have been passed by the Directors to help create an environment within the company to help such people get their rights and to enable them to get connected with society.

Abiding by the Law : The company follows and abides by the industry laws as well as local laws very rigidly and leaves no stones unturned to avoid any legal issues to arise which could in any way harm the companies’ image or that of its stakeholders.